5 best online casinos

I collected the 5 casinos I thought were the best on one site. I have taken many aspects into account, but the most important thing in each case is reliability. I’ve all played and won at the casinos listed here at least once, so there was a payout for me, which is the first and most important consideration for me. Other considerations included reliable customer service, fast payouts, the type and amount of bonuses, and how easy the casino is to operate and how helpful the support would be if we had a question. An important consideration in the selection was also the manufacturer of the casino software, and I also looked at the average payout ratios, which are audited by an external company in each case. In my opinion, these online casinos are worth a try because winning is good and whoever doesn’t play doesn’t even win.

Energy Casino

energy casino logo

Energy casino is an online casino registered in Malta with a history of several years. As a novelty, sports betting is also available at them. There are over 700 casino games and most of them are available on mobile, of course.

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Unibet Casino is a premium online casino part of the Unibet, famous Swedish online betting brand, established back in 1997. Unibet is a highly respected brand of excellent reputation, confirmed by numerous awards.

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LVbet Casino

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LVbet casino and sports betting site is an online gambling website registered in Malta with a history of several years.  There are more than 800 casino games and, of course, most of them are also available on mobile.

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Euromania Online Casino

The euro mania casino is relatively new to the site, but a long-standing casino. They are famous for their very good bonuses and pleasant casino games. There are more than 500 games from classic games to modern slot machines.

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About online casinos in general.

Online casinos are almost as old as the internet, thanks to which many great developments have taken place and today we are getting a modern online casino market. There were times when there were over 1000 online casinos in the world, but it may still be so. Most online casinos are based in Malta, Gibraltar, or some exotic country where local regulations and taxation allow.

In the world of online casinos, there are plenty of options and plenty of games available. Payout times have been shortened, user complaints are taken seriously and investigated if necessary, my personal experience is that one of the slot machines went bad on the fly when I was in the bonus round and I have already won a very nice prize. Usually, exiting the game and stepping back used to help, but here the game simply didn’t get back to the usual amount and I even lost my winnings. I wrote to casino support and after a while, the money was in my account, which was the last condition, it is true that the bonus round would have lasted even longer and I did not get this opportunity, but it is remarkable anyway that no problem anyway. they didn’t roll my way and didn’t start to stumble or say the game was faulty so they didn’t want to pay. I ask everyone to pay attention to you. Gambling is a great adrenaline rush if we win and this euphoria can take our minds off if we feel we can no longer control ourselves and it is to the detriment of our livelihood, ask for outside help or ban ourselves in the casino. Consider gambling as fun, not as a way to make money, we may be unlucky in the short term to win and have a positive balance in our heads.

Frequently asked questions about online casinos

Are online casinos reliable?

There are both trustworthy and less trustworthy ones, the casinos on this website are trustworthy, so they don’t beat players. I used to see specifically scratch pages that forgot to pay players, there was no customer service, money disappeared from the account. We don't come across sites like this lately. We are constantly monitoring the pages and if we notice that there is a problem with them, we will remove them from the page immediately.

Should I use a bonus?

This is a difficult question. Many say it’s not worth it, and many say yes, I personally don’t like them because they limit me on payouts. There is no free bonus or only very rarely, so it is conditional on what you have to accomplish if you get a bonus. Many times the bonus is taken back, if you ask for your money, for example you got a $ 50 bonus, you won a total of $ 200, then in the end you can only withdraw $ 150. Negative is the wagering requirement. This means that the money you deposit plus the bonus is multiplied by 30 of the total amount you have to play. Until then, you will not be able to request or receive payment. With a $ 100 deposit and a $ 100 bonus, you can withdraw it after the $ 6,000 stack. Well, I think it's a big enough amount, so you have to win very big to be able to take your money. Good casinos who only put the conditions of play on it as a bonus, so the deposit does not count and the odds are as low as possible.